The state of the world at the moment is causing increased anxiety and concerns, not only for executive professionals who may experience increased burn-out resulting in physical and emotional fatigue, but for anyone who feels the demands from their high-impact lifestyles, exacerbated by the continual pressures of life. This can have a major effect on your general health and wellness.

We have the perfect solution! Reclaim your life and find the wellness that you deserve, while restoring your purpose and identity; relaxing in this beautiful setting. To cope with future challenges, we know that a balanced lifestyle and healing incorporate not only your physical health, but also your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

All you may need is time to reset and gain perspective for the way forward, with the guidance of our experienced wellness facilitators. Take the time to focus on your personal growth in the comfort of indulgent luxury, and make sure that you heal while the world does too.

As our guest you have the option of being assisted by our in-house life coach to put together the perfect “ retreat ” with each treatment or therapy customized to your needs for maximum healing or you can book and build your own treatments and therapies for the duration of your stay.


Stella has administrated her special brand of healing to many clients. Her numerous qualifications, wealth of practical knowledge and over 28 years of experience in the healing field will help to form the foundation of your healing. She has been in St. Francis Bay for 22 years.


After completing a university degree in the Social Sciences in Cape Town, I moved to the UK for seven years and also travelled many beautiful countries – ones of my deepest passions is meeting and learning about people from different backgrounds. In London, work was all about mentoring and uplifting adults and children.


  Trained as a Life coach, Spiritual Councillor as well as Yoga Instructor,  Sacha’s passion lies in sharing these gifts and knowledge contributing to life and society in general.  She practices as well as gives classes in Vinyasa Flow which is a contemporary style of yoga incorporating many styles including Ashtanga and power yoga.